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Do you support the "No Slum Lords" signs and the purpose behind them in the City Of Frankfort?

Yes: 89 Votes / 79 %
No: 23 Votes / 21 %

Total Votes: 112

Do you feel that the City of Frankfort Administration needs to take a tougher stance against the alledged Slum Lords in the city?

Yes: 91 Votes / 81%
No: 22 Votes / 19%

Total Votes: 113

How long should parking be allowed in the downtown Frankfort area?

1 Hour: 0 Votes / 0%
2 Hours: 28 Votes / 25%
3 Hours: 59 Votes / 53%
No Time Limit: 4 Votes / 4%
Bring Back Parking Meters: 39 Votes / 18%

Total Votes: 111

After losing out on the Stellar Grant, the Mayor states he plans to pursue the projects outlined in the Stellar Grant. Should any of your tax dollars be spent on pursuing any of the projects?

Yes: 17 Votes / 15%
No: 100 Votes / 85%

Total Votes: 117

Would you agree with a tax increase to support local projects proposed by the current administration?

Yes: 16 Votes / 15%
No: 101 Votes / 86%

Total Votes: 117

Do you agree with the County Commissioners saying no to Wind Turbine Farms in Clinton County?

Yes: 55 Votes / 49%
No: 56 Votes / 51%

Total Votes: 111

IVY Tech, a wise investment of tax payer dollars for the city and county?

Yes: 60 Votes / 49%
No: 63 Votes / 51%

Total Votes: 123

Rate the performance of the Mayor of Frankfort?

Exceeding my Expectations: 18 / 14%
Meeting my Expectations: 22 / 28%
Below my Expectations: 62 / 62%

Total Votes: 129

Would you vote for Mayor McBarnes again?

Yes: 36 Votes / 28%
No: 92 Votes / 72%

Total Votes: 128

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